Regarding the draft statute of the ECO Regional Centre for Risk Management of Natural Disasters which was finalized by ECO Secretariat Working Group, the Centre aims to promote cooperation among Member States for effective natural disasters risk management.

The objectives of the Center with a view to promote cooperation among Member States for effective natural disasters risk management especially risks of hydro-meteorological and climatic disasters, are as follows:

  1. Establishing an efficient information management system
  2. Short and Long-Term Forecasting/Predictions
  3. Disaster Risk Assessment/Analysis
  4. Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning System
  5. Capacity-Building (Education and Training, etc)

In order to achieve the objectives, as defined in Article III, the Center shall, inter alia, have the following functions and responsibilities:

  1. To promote regional disasters surveillance and provision of early warning system through:
  2. Establishing regional standards and protocols for data quality control and assurance
  3. Facilitating exchange of data, information and products
  4. Providing seasonal and long-term climate forecasting, modeling and early-warning system
  5. To strengthen national capacities through holding seminars, workshops and training courses
  6. To provide Member States with technical assistance in research, through application of new technologies, especially using satellite and radar for meteorological purposes and application of community-based approaches
  7. To exchange information, knowledge and best practices as well as experts, instructors and trainers
  8. To develop cooperation with relevant international bodies/institutions for technical and financial assistance
  9. To facilitate policy dialogue as well as national and regional strategy development for disaster management risk reduction.